[Python] Lint pylint is not installed is displayed [VS Code]


When writing Python in VScode, "Linter pylint is not installed" is displayed in the lower right corner. When I looked it up, I heard that it was necessary to install a code check plugin called pylint.

What you did

When I press the "install" button ...

pip install -U pylint & was unexpected at this time.

Is displayed and installation is not possible. Try installing from the terminal.

pip install pylint
'pip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I can't use the pip command. Try setting environment variables.

where python

Copy the path where python is installed with.

Search and display "Edit environment variables". Double-click the Path of the user's environment variable. "New" ⇒ Paste the path you just copied. Delete "python.exe" at the end, change it to "Scripts" and click OK.

Execute the following command again.

pip install pylint

I was able to install it successfully! !!

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