Python classes and instances, instance methods

I couldn't catch up with my understanding in Python Learning Course IV Leave a study note while reviewing. If it's the same code, it's boring and I can't remember it I will write it with the game material of my favorite "CLOCK ZERO ~ Shuuen no Ichibyo ~". spoiler alert.

** Create a class **

Class is defined by "class class name:" Class names start with a capital letter

class CZmember:

Write pass when there is nothing in the class Align the indent

class CZmember:

There is no processing, that is, it is still before the fall of 2010.

** Instantiate from class **

You can create a new instance by calling "class ()" and that class The class generated by "variable name = class ()" can be assigned to the variable

Generate an empty class

class CZmember:

cz_member1 = CZmember()

Add information to your instance This time, let's use the name and age of the CZ member.

class CZmember:

#Create an instance
cz_member1 = CZmember()

#Add information to your instance = 'Takato'
cz_member1.age  = 12

print( + 'Is' + str(cz_member1.age) +I'm old)

Takato is 12 years old

This "name" and "age" part is called an instance variable. What is the target of the game for elementary school students?

Members will be added quickly too!

class CZmember:

cz_member0 = CZmember() = 'Nadeshiko'
cz_member0.age  = 12

cz_member1 = CZmember() = 'Takato'
cz_member1.age  = 12

cz_member2 = CZmember() = 'Riichiro'
cz_member2.age  = 11

Even though there are 7 members, it's annoying to write like this. So let's add it in the item that will appear later.

** Add processing inside the class **

(Continued from time to time)

"CLOCK ZERO ~ One Second of the End ~" Because I can cry so much with the game released on Switch If you are interested, please play it.

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