[PYTHON] Push notifications to your smartphone from the Linux command line or scripts. (Introduction of a tool called ntfy)

I would like to introduce ntfy because it was convenient.

With ntfy, you can easily send push notifications to various apps from the Linux command line or scripts. Written in Python. I support a lot, but I tried the following three:

-Pushover (It's convenient, but the app costs about 500 yen. Isn't it cheap if you can buy peace of mind at this price?) -slack (I think it's useful if your team uses slack.) -Pushbullet (The Chrome browser app can be used, but the smartphone app was not good so far.)

As a result, Pushover was necessary and sufficient, so I use Pushover.


Easy to install with pip.

pip install ntfy

#When using slack
pip install ntfy[slack]

Prepare ~ / .ntfy.yml

Get token and ʻuser_key from the setting screen of the application you are using and write it in ~ / .ntfy.yml` as follows.

    - pushover
    - slack
    - pushbullet
    user_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    recipient: "#general"
    access_token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Try using

#Simply push notification
ntfy -t 'Test' send "This is a test."

#Notify when the command finishes(Example: sleep command)
ntfy done sleep 10

If the settings are correct, the app will be notified. (The -t option is the title of the message.)

Try using it from python code (eg Pushover)

>>> import ntfy
>>> ntfy.backends.pushover.notify(title="Test", message="This is a test.", user_key="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")


Useful for fault alerts and time-consuming batch job execution.

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