[LINUX] Programming learned from books May 11

The best sleep to rejuvenate your brain


Chapter 1 Lack of sleep causes dementia

――The shorter you sleep, the more likely you are to cause dementia. ――The effect of lack of sleep is like clogging the sewage of the brain.

Chapter 3 Sleeping habits of long-lived women and successful people

--The master clock in the brain stem of the brain manages human time. However, since the master clock considers a day to be 25 hours, you can correct this 1-hour gap by basking in sunlight for 5 minutes as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Chapter 5 Brain address to rest emotions Good sleep method

――In the UK, as a first step in treating depression, patients are encouraged to exercise first, but in the US it is not. --Aerobic exercise works for all symptoms of depression —— Exercise increases BDNF, at least in the blood, as much as taking antidepressants.

Exercise is the only way to train your brain


Chapter 4 Anxiety Avoiding panic

――When muscles start working by exercise, the body breaks down fat to produce fatty acids and releases them into the blood in an attempt to supply fuel. This free fatty acid deprives the transport protein (albumin) that was bound to tryptophan (one of the essential amino acids) in order to make it a vehicle for traveling in the blood. The lightened tryptophan is guided by the osmotic pressure difference and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier and enters the brain. And it quickly becomes a constituent of serotonin

Chapter 5 Depression makes you feel better

――Endorphin is a stress hormone, and the blood of marathon runners showed an increase in endorphin level. Calms the brain and relieves muscle pain during strenuous exercise

Chapter 6 Attention Deficit Disorder Get Out of Distraction

--As long as ADHD patients are training, they can concentrate without medication

Chapter 7 Addiction Regenerate the self-control mechanism

――When you have sex, your dopamine level rises 1.5 to 2 times, but when you inhale cocaine, it jumps from 3 to 8 times. ――It turns out that there is a difference between what you like and what you want. -The drug significantly grows the dendrites of the nucleus accumbens and increases synaptic connections. The change remains for months and sometimes years after the drug is stopped. --In Chinese, animals can be guardians, but vegetables are not. I can't tell you to jump from here to there for vegetables. If you stop moving, you're a vegetable, not an animal. --Constant alcohol feeding of pregnant rats drastically reduced the number of brain cells born in the fetal hippocampus

Chapter 8 Hormonal changes Impact on the female brain


――I took 30 grams of essential amino acid powder BAA right after running 10km last night, and when I woke up this morning, my muscles were sore. May be effective ――I ran 10km in the second set and drank amino acids again. My body fat is falling. ――Today, I announced my grades this semester, and it was A except for the math that I dropped. I will retake during the summer vacation, but hopefully the gpa will rise to 3.878 and I think I can transfer to Public Ivy.

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