[LINUX] Private MIB import procedure

Thing you want to do

I want to import two private MIB files. I want to confirm that the MIB is converted normally

Roughly speaking

-Create a directory dedicated to private MIBs and store MIB files -Write in snmp.conf that the created directory is referenced. -Check that the import is successful by sending a confirmation command! !!


-Redhat Linux Enterprise 7.7 -Net-snmp net-snmp-utils installed


  1. Make an SSH connection to the SNMP manager server (all the work below with root privileges) and create a directory for MIB installation.
# mkdir /usr/share/snmp/vendor_mibs
  1. Copy the MIB file to the MIB installation directory Upload to tmp directory using teraterm's SSH SCP feature (This time, there are only 2 files, so there is no need to compress them. If necessary, use the scp client or compression to send the files.)

  2. Upload to tmp directory and copy to MIB installation directory

# cp /tmp/<mib.txt> /usr/share/snmp/vendor_mibs/<mib.txt>
  1. Check for snmp.conf If not, create as follows
# touch /usr/share/snmp/snmp.conf
  1. snmp.conf Description
MIBDIRS /usr/share/snmp/mibs:/usr/share/snmp/vendor_mibs
MIBS all
  1. Confirmation command
# snmptranslate <Any OID>

If snmptranslate is displayed correctly, import is complete! !!

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