[PYTHON] Pandas basics for beginners ④ Handling of date and time items

What is pandas

A data frame object for handling structured data in Python. You can easily read files and perform subsequent SQL operations, and it is necessary for work such as machine learning to process, calculate, and visualize data. A memo list of commonly used syntaxes for data manipulation. This section is date-time processing. The table of contents for other items is here.

0. Library import

Import pandas with the name pd


import pandas as pd

1. Date / time item conversion

Converts the item described in Object type to datetime64 [ns] type (Timestamp type). Suppose you want to convert the item "Day" in the definition of dataframe.


dataframe['Day'] = pd.to_datetime(dataframe['Day'])

2. Range specification

"Day" extracts the data after "April 1, 2020".


dataframe = dataframe.loc[dataframe['Day'] > pd.to_datetime('20200401')]

3. Extract only date as object type

datetime64 [ns] Converts Day, which is a type, to a date (object type).


dataframe['Day'] = pd.to_datetime(dataframe['Day']).dt.date

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