[LINUX] Oreilly Cyber Security Programming Initial Setup

Oreilly Publishing The initial setup for cybersecurity programming was too difficult for me as a beginner, so I will investigate and proceed with the setup by referring to the easy-to-understand articles. It is also for sharing, so I would appreciate it if you could point out places that are difficult to see or mistakes. ** For IDE, VSCode is used instead of Wing IDE. This is different from books. ** **

1. Download VMware and Kali Linux

First, download VMware and Kali Linux as described in the book.

1.1 VMware Download

The VMware download this article was very easy to understand, so please check it out.

1.2 Download Kali Linux

Download Kali Linux from the same no starch press as this manual. If you follow the link, you can access the following page. ** Download the Kali Linux vitual machine used in the book (i486) ** (below the cover image ・ Click the third image.png Then you will be taken to the following page. KaliLinux2.png

**-Click ** Kali Linux VMware 64-Bit ** in KALI LINUX VMWARE IMAGES ** KaliLinux3.png

After DL (download) is completed, unzip the file using decompression software such as 7-zip or Lhaplus. If you click on the unzipped file, you will see what kind of ** VMX file ** you have. Select that 1. Right-click to select it. 2. Open from program 3. Select ** VMware ** (if not in the selection field, click ** Other apps ** and select from there) KaliLinux4.jpg

This will open Kali Linux, so both your initial username and password are set to kali, so log in. The default language is English, so if you want to change it to Japanese, please this article Please change by referring to.

2 pip installation of Python 2.7

My Kali Linux included python2.7 from the beginning, but apparently it didn't include pip and I couldn't use the pip command (required when installing an external module with python). So I was able to install pip by referring to this article, so if you do not have pip installed, there Please install by referring to.

3 Download VScode

The book introduces an IDE called Wing IDE, but I'm used to VScode, so I downloaded it. How to open a web browser on Kali Linux KaliLinux5.png The leftmost dragon on the taskbar? Click the icon, enter ** Firefox ** in the search field, and click ** Firefox ESR ** that appears to open it. (If you want to keep it on your desktop, right-click first before opening it and select Add to Desktop) Enter this URL in the Firefox URL search field or If you copy and paste (probably you can also paste what you copied in windows with Ctrl + v), you will be taken to the following site, so ** Linux (penguin) ** **. Deb format ** DL Vscode1.png The DL **. Deb format ** data is probably stored in a location called download, so the fourth image from the left in the image below. Click on the terminal (black icon) KaliLinux5.png vscode.png

cd Downloads

You can go to the download directory by typing. So, like the command in 1.2 of the book kpkg -i code_1.43.2-1585036376_amd64.deb You should be able to download VScode safely once the installation starts in the terminal. If necessary, it is better to install it on the desktop like Firefox. VScode was translated into Japanese by referring to this article.

The above is the explanation of the installation from VMware to VScode. The settings are slightly different from the books, but now you can continue reading this book. Since the distribution of Kali Linux is Debian system, if you have any trouble, you may want to search with Linux Debian etc. Please note that the command also changes depending on the system. If I have the time and spare time, I would like to do Chapter 2 (DL of Git, acquisition of files from GigHub with paramiko, SSH).


DL: https://bright-east-blog.com/skill-up/vmware15-install-win10

Kali Linux

Japanese localization: https://doruby.jp/users/r357_on_rails/entries/Kali-Linux-2020


pip install: https://turtlechan.hatenablog.com/entry/2019/06/17/181826


DL: https://code.visualstudio.com/download Japanese localization: https://qiita.com/ntkgcj/items/e77331932c7983dea830

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