[Note] AI / machine learning / python related websites [updated from time to time]

at first

――It's been about 8 months since I started studying python and machine learning, and I would like to introduce a website that I used as a reference when studying in the past. ――There is no comprehensiveness, but I would like to make an article that also organizes my own bookmarks.


-Artificial Intelligence Blog A website operated by DeepAge. From basic information to how to use Tensorflow, you can find various information.

-Let's Programming A blog run by Buzzword Inc. I think that it is an easy-to-understand site for beginners (including myself) because the basic contents of various languages are neatly organized.

-US Data Scientist's Blog The blog of Kame @ US Data Scientist, who widely disseminates information on Twitter. If you want to be a data scientist or want to work in the United States, this information is just for you.

-"University Mathematics / Physics" Learned at Preparatory School Popular educational YouTuber: Takumi's HP. It is very useful when studying linear algebra and statistics, which are essential when studying machine learning and deep learning. Click here for YouTube channel >>> Learn "University Mathematics and Physics" at Preparatory School

-U ++ memorandum U ++'s blog famous for Kaggler. If you ask questions about Kaggle's Slack, there are many articles related to Kaggle and competition pros, which is very interesting for those who are accustomed to data analysis and programming to some extent.

-Blog of data scientists working in strategic consulting It is a blog as the title says. It is very interesting that you have posted various analyzes on your blog. And above all, the blog is fashionable (laughs)

Data analysis site

(Personal) Recommended YouTube Channel

Since there are so many, I will not write about each channel, but just copying the sutras while watching the video will be a learning experience. Foreigners' channels are interesting on YouTube (or rather, the level is different).

There are still many great sites, but I would like to update them whenever I feel like it.

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[Note] AI / machine learning / python related websites [updated from time to time]
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