[Memorandum] Discord distribution environment built only with Linux

What you want to do and the environment

It synthesizes the video of Droidcam and the desktop, synthesizes your own voice and the sound in the PC, and distributes it on Discord.

The OS is Arch Linux and the PC is an old Sandy generation.

Connect Droidcam to PC

This is just a camera. See this article

PC internal audio

All the audio inside the PC is mixed and output virtually. [Simultaneous output of multiple sound card devices on ArchWiki](https://wiki.archlinux.jp/index.php/PulseAudio/ Troubleshooting # .E8.A4.87.E6.95.B0.E3.81. AE.E3.82.B5.E3.82.A6.E3.83.B3.E3.83.89.E3.82.AB.E3.83.BC.E3.83.89.E3.83.BB.E3.83.87. E3.83.90.E3.82.A4.E3.82.B9.E3.81.AE.E5.90.8C.E6.99.82.E5.87.BA.E5.8A.9B).

#May not be necessary
sudo modprobe snd-aloo

yay -S paprefs

My voice

This time I will use Final E3000 Since the PC only supports 3 poles, use a conversion adapter

Synthesize and output voice and internal voice

Set the virtual microphone created with PulseAudio earlier as the Discord microphone. ** If the volume of the PC is low, the sound of the microphone will also be low, so adjust the sensitivity manually **

Droidcam and OBS Studio

Droidcam (v4l2loopback) and screen captures are combined with OBS and output to the virtual camera.

Use https://github.com/CatxFish/obs-v4l2sink. In the case of ArchLinux, it is in AUR, so use it.

sudo modprobe v4l2loopback
#The module used by Droidcam is v4l2loopback_Completely different with dc

yay -S obs-v4l2sink-git
#Extension function to output OBS to virtual camera

Be sure to set the format to YUV420. Also, check if you are using / dev / video0 with Droidcam.

A Discord client is required to make Discord recognize the virtual camera. I couldn't use it with a browser for some reason. Be sure to restart the client after starting the virtual camera.

Discord settings

Set the microphone and camera to the created virtual device and test them. If it works, it's done.

However, if you close windows such as Droidcam and OBS, it will stop, so it is better to use functions such as virtual desktop.

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