Memo (March 2020) that I was addicted to when installing Arch Linux on MacBook Air 11'Early 2015

This is a scribbled note. When I tried to refresh the Arch Linux environment after a long time, it took a lot of time.

New kernel does not recognize built-in storage (nvme0n1)

I knew that this symptom wouldn't start at some point, so I installed and used the lts kernel from the middle. I haven't investigated the technical background, but according to this thread, nvme is supported from Linux Kernel 5.1.5. It is said that it is no longer available. However, as far as I could confirm, I didn't recognize at least my aircraft even in the earlier 4.19. As far as I got the installation images of various generations and tried it, it was recognized by 2019.05.02 (Kernel is 4.16.12-1). However, there is another problem with this USB. See the next heading for details.

archlinux-keyring cannot be updated

This is affected by the change in the compression format of the package used by pacman. In summary,

--New pacman 5.2 supports .zst compression ――We will change to this compression method in the future --Update libarchive to 3.3.3-1 or later

It is a story.

The reason why this becomes a problem is that in the above-mentioned installation image of 2019.05.02

--The version of libarchive is fine --pacman is a version earlier than this 5.2 (5.2 release is 2019.10.22) and cannot handle .zst packages --archlinux-keyring package is already .zst compressed

Since archlinux-keyring contains package signature information etc., if a signature that is not here is included at the time of installation, an error will occur and you will be asked to update, but you cannot update. Other packages already contain .zst compression and cannot complete pacstrap even if they recognize the storage.

About the solution

When you sort out the problem

--Installation USB and Kernel installed on the main unit must be 4.16 or less (as far as confirmed) --pacman must be 5.2 or higher and libarchive must be 3.3.3-1 or higher

There is no installation USB that can solve the above problems at the same time, so use archiso or [Remaster iso](https: //) % AE% E3% 83% AA% E3% 83% 9E% E3% 82% B9% E3% 82% BF% E3% 83% AA% E3% 83% B3% E3% 82% B0) Custom Install USB I think that it will be solved by creating. Therefore, a separate environment (VM is also acceptable) running Arch Linux is required.

The recommended kernel to use is linux-lts414. It works fine on this MacBook, and the support is very long (~ January 2024), so it's safe for the time being. However, since this kernel belongs to AUR, please build it in another ArchLinux environment, set a private repository, and use it when building archiso. Or add a repository that provides pre-built packages. (Undiscovered) Since it is an AUR package, you will also need to build it for kernel security updates.

Also, as an option, if you include the broadcom-wl-dkms package, you will be able to use the wireless LAN during installation. For the installation procedure, basically follow the contents of Arch Wiki MacBook Article. As for the boot loader, I use systemd-boot.

in conclusion

It's a model 5 years ago, and there may not be many people who use it in this way, but I hope it helps.

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