[LINUX] LPIC-1 (Level 1) Exam Record


I took the LPIC-1 exam the other day and passed it, so I will keep a record. I hope that this record will serve as a guide and reference for those who are going to take the test.

Eligibility to take the exam

LPIC-1 (Level 1)

Result (score)

--101: Failed the first exam (480 points). Passed the second time (620 points). --102: One pass (680 points).

(The passing line is probably 500 points)

Profile (before learning)

It has been about 4 months since I started working as an engineer. I use Linux commands only occasionally, and I don't know why they work.

Study time (approximate)

It takes less than two months from the start of study to passing. --101: 40 hours (up to the first time) + 40 hours (up to the second time) --102: 40 hours

Learning materials

--Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 (Azuki Book) --Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Speed Master Questions (Shiramoto) --ping-t: Also use the paid version service for 102 (free for 101)

My recommendation is the following procedure.

  1. Use ping -t to make all questions gold medals. (When solving a problem, "reading the commentary" is more important than "confirming the answer")
  2. Read the Azuki book and get the big picture. (Because solving the problem is fragmentary knowledge)
  3. Solve Shiramoto's problem.
  4. Solve the white book mock exam questions.
  5. Solve the ping-t practice exam questions (if you can afford it).

Probably, step 1 takes about 0.5 to 1 month, so no matter how much time you have. I think it is better to concentrate on your efforts without rushing, and to review the procedures and plans flexibly depending on the progress.

I think it will be possible to get rid of the Azuki book without it, but it is better to have it. (Of course)


――If time permits, it is better to set up a study period of about 3 months. --Not only to pass the exam, but also to deepen your understanding of Linux. ――Because the knowledge of Linux is basic, it will be easier to understand when learning other technologies (I think). ――When I failed once in 101, I was quite depressed, but I was forced into it and it caught fire. (It's a spring of regret.) ――Because of my goal of getting a qualification, I became enthusiastic about learning, and as a result, I gained a deep understanding. ――I think it was a very good experience from the two aspects of understanding Linux and the experience of studying hard.

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