[Linux / Qualification] linuC102 exam record and linuC level 1 certification

Almost everything in the title. Ichiou results and impressions.


666 out of 800 points. (50 out of 60 correct answers?) It passed.

Study method, period

Since I was taking the Oracle Certified Java Programmer exam just before, the study period for linuC102 was less than a week. I used only the ping -t web questions. I didn't prepare an environment where I could actually type the command and check it.

How to use ping -t

    1. Randomly solve the first unit 20-30 questions repeatedly ↓ The response rate and correct answer rate for the entire unit is about 80%.
  1. Add the following unit and solve 20-30 questions at random again ↓ Overall response rate / correct answer rate is about 80%
    1. Add the following unit ... ↓ The response rate and correct answer rate are about 80% for the entire unit up to the last unit.
  2. Mock exam mode (60 questions) ↓ Stable and correct answer rate of 85% or more
  3. Go to "Select" → "Write" in the frame question (question of command input format)

It's like that.

The level of being able to solve the frame questions perfectly was too strict in terms of time. If the selection formula is properly suppressed, it is judged that the pass is Katai, The frame questions were relaxed from the afternoon of the day before the exam.


As a feeling, there were more problems such as "Oh, I saw this with ping-t" than when I was using linuC101. (I think that there were many good questions as a collection of exam preparation questions) I used ping-t to prepare for the exam when I was using linuC101, but there were many problems such as "I'm not conscious of this / I'm not studying!" And the result was a pass at the last minute, so compared to that, linuC102 While I was solving the problem, I was convinced that I could do this, and I felt comfortable.

After that, linuC did not recognize that it was "level 1 certification" with 101,102 sets, and although I passed 101, I was confused because EDUCO did not show the certification, but I passed 102 and the level 1 certification is displayed safely. It came to be done.

スクリーンショット 2020-02-03 14.41.03.png

It is difficult to take two exams with one certification, but I would like to do my best to take Level 2 and Level 3.

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