[Linux / Qualification] LinuC101 exam record

Too little knowledge of linux commands! !! You can play around with the environment on your Mac and even touch AWS from now on, but this is no good!

That's why I decided to take the LinuC exam.

I was wondering which one to use with LPIC, but I thought, "Is it so important whether it is internationally accredited? Also, it seems that the Japanese in the questions is easier to understand, so I chose LinuC.

I will add the details later, but only the result and Toko who was personally tough.


I passed! I passed 520 points out of 800 points (40 out of 60 questions?) And got 586 points. I think it was about 5 questions above the passing line. (1 question 13.3 points conversion)

In the memo I had, ○ (confident) was less than the number required to pass, so I thought it would be unavoidable to drop it, but the result was better than expected.

Study method

The preparation period was about 2 weeks. (The period after applying for the application and creating a situation saying "Now, I have no choice but to do it?") I studied how to solve problems on an e-learning site called ping-t. As a theory, I should have entered from a toco like "What is Linux? What are the features (features)?", But I didn't have much time and I had to solve the problem after all. Because I can't imagine "Linux".

I also bought a book called "Shortest Breakthrough LinuC Level 1 Passed Textbook [101 Exam, 102 Exam Compatible]", but the content is clearly insufficient to solve the ping-t problem. I thought that reading this book might just take time, so I ended up stuffing my knowledge with ping-t's answer explanation only.

Toko was tough

Many people ask "Which is the correct command and which is the correct option?", But since the command is almost ignorant, it was hard to guess the meaning at first. Furthermore, for example, the meaning of "-a" differed depending on the command, and there was a pattern to write "a" without hyphens, which was a catch-up. (Until quite recently, the correct answer rate was 30% in the mock exam format, so I was almost at a loss.)

If you're a guy like -a, you want to remember it with a consistent image like" This is an abbreviation for all ... "

So, even if I could get the correct answer to "What is the correct way to write this command + option?" When I was asked a command like "Would you like to use it? What will happen?", I was really worried about the actual test.


After all, I think that studying "What is Linux" from Toko was the easiest way. The day before the exam, I bought a "new Linux textbook" because I was thinking of taking LinuC 102,201,301. During the year-end and New Year holidays, I will study for LinuC102 while reading this.

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