[LINUX] Let's briefly summarize LPIC level 1 (101 editions)

Preface (greeting)

I got LPIC102 today and was certified as LPIC level 1, so I will write a little summary.

Background of acquisition

Regarding the background of the acquisition, I feel that I am working as an infrastructure engineer (strengthening the network) and my knowledge about the network has deepened a lot, but I had almost no knowledge about the OS and server infrastructure, so I decided to acquire it. I did.

Study period and score

・ LPIC level1 overall: Approximately 3 months ・ LPIC101: Approximately 2 months

・ Score: 550 points ・ Breakdown System architecture: 62% Linux installation and package management: 75% GNU and Unix commands: 76% Device, Linux file system, file system, hierarchy standard: 64%

contents of the test

・ System architecture System boot order, BIOS settings, device files and runlevels People who have created their own PCs may be good at this.

-Linux installation and package management Role of each directory (/ home: contains files used by general users, / var: contains files such as log files and mail spools, etc.) Partition concept, Debian-based, Red Hat-based package management Such

-GNU and Unix commands Linux command line operations (cd, cp, rm, etc.), file editing (how to use the vi editor), etc.

· Devices, Linux file systems, file systems, hierarchical standards How to create partitions, find and mount files, etc.


The 101 is basically memorizing commands. In particular, there were too many options for package management commands (dpkg, rpm), and it seemed to be sharp on the way. The most interesting thing I was studying was the command line operation. After all, it was interesting because I felt like I was able to operate the OS in detail when I was operating at the prompt (small average feeling)

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