“Learn Linux in 5 Days” (Download Linux Ebooks Here! For Free)

In this book you will found to learn below topics and commands : DAY: 1 Welcome to Shell DAY: 2 Linux Directory Structure Basic Linux Commands Teach Yourself to Fish Working with Directories Listing Files and Understanding ls Output DAY: 3 File and Directory Permissions Explained Finding Files Viewing and Editing Files Comparing Files Determining a File’s Type Searching in Files DAY: 4 Deleting, Copying, Moving, and Renaming Files Sorting Data Creating a Collection of Files Compressing Files To Save Space Compressing Archives Redirection Transferring and Copying Files Welcome Back to Shell DAY: 5 Processes and Job Control Scheduling Repeated Jobs with Cron Switching Users and Running Commands as Others Installing Software


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“Learn Linux in 5 Days” (Download Linux Ebooks Here! For Free)
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