intel Atom (notebook) Frequent petit freezes when using linux on a PC.

I bought the ASUS E200HA (I was addicted to it), but I think the situation is the same as below.

[Don't think about using Linux with ASUS X205TA -Hatena Koe Web is available]( % A5% C3% A5% AF)

Install Ubuntu 16 \ .04 LTS on ASUS EeeBook X205TA -Qiita

With manjaro linux as of 2020, the installation itself will finish without difficulty. Wireless LAN can be used without any problem. Rather, it doesn't make a sound.

I used to get stuck frequently with X, but I just thought it was due to low memory, but I've only recently noticed that it gets stuck without X. This is because I thought about depreciating it as a general-purpose wifi router.

"Create \ _ap" that can turn a Linux machine into an instant wireless LAN router with a single command was very convenient -Qiita

It worked as a wifi access point, but the wifi communication is solidified. I've finally realized that this isn't an app issue.

As you can see from the conclusion, it seems that the intel Atom and the cpuidle driver are compatible.

Add intel_idle.max_cstate = X to the kernel parameter when starting grub and reboot.

PC freezes anyone? [Possible workaround] · Issue #25 · Grippy98/Asus-E200HA-Linux-Post-Install-Script · GitHub

See the wiki below for more on what this means.

LinuxKernel -Software Engineering -Torutk

When I tried it, it improved with max_cstate = 1.

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intel Atom (notebook) Frequent petit freezes when using linux on a PC.
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