[LINUX] Install Ubuntu 18.04 on MacBook Pro Touchbar model and connect to WIFI


I'm writing a blog about 40 uncles of liberal arts trying Python in another place, but because I changed jobs, my main business became super busy, so that's all, but as the title says, MacBook Pro I've put Ubuntu into my Touchbar model, so I'll write about it. Here, I will only write how to get Linux into MBP and run it anyway. I can't write it in the first place because I'm completely ignorant of the technical information in the detailed background. By the way, this is also written in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on MBP Late 2016 right now.


Even my uncle read in various articles that installing linux on the Touchbar model became desperately difficult. However, I recently bought a 16-inch model of my uncle MBP, and now I have one Late 2016 left, so when I jumped out into the sea of the web thinking that I could put this in Linux, the situation changed considerably. I got the feeling that it might be cool. As the background --Some people have prepared an installation ISO image that allows you to use the keyboard and touchpad from the installation stage. --A way to finally use WiFi has been discovered

However, the thing that hasn't been helped yet is audio-related, but it feels insignificant compared to the fact that WiFi and input devices cannot be used. My uncle has a 16-inch machine.


My uncle's environment is MacBook Pro 13,3. It is a 15-inch model of Late 2016.

Of course, I can't use WIFI until the WIFI settings are complete, but that's too inconvenient, so I secured a connection to the Internet by using a USB Type-C Ethernet adapter. This is the Ethernet adapter that my uncle used. It was usable without any special settings. https://www.sanwa.co.jp/product/syohin.asp?code=LAN-ADURCM

Referenced site

Linux on mid-2017 MacBookPro https://nixaid.com/linux-on-macbookpro/

Ubuntu 18.04 image release for MacBook Pro 2017/6 with Touch Bar https://foolcontrol.org/?p=2928

step 1

The Ubuntu 18.04 ISO image is rolling in the foolcontrol.org entry above, so drop it and burn it to a Type-C USB flash drive. The new entry on foolcontrol.org also has an ISO image of 18.10, but it failed to install in my environment, so I did it at 18.04. I used balena Etcher as the ISO image writing software on Mac. https://www.balena.io/etcher/

Step 2

After writing the ISO image to the flash memory, restart the MacBook while holding down the Option key, and launch the Ubuntu installer from the flash memory. All I had to do was follow the installer. By the way, my uncle deleted the disk, erased macOS from MBP13,3, and became an Ubuntu-only machine. I didn't really care about how to leave macOS, so I'm not sure.

Step 3

Next is the WiFi settings. Here, follow the description of Update 6 in the above entry on nixaid.com. https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=193121#c52 Download the Comment 52 attachment text file from the above site and save it as brcmfmac43602-pcie.txt in/ lib / firmware / brcm /.

Step 4

The above txt file needs to be modified. 8th line


 There is a place where it is, and you need to replace this `xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx` with the MAC address of your MBP. Please go to each person to find out the MAC address.

### Step 5
 If you reload the brcmfmac driver, this will happen when you can use WIFI, but my uncle didn't know how to reload the driver, so I restarted the whole Ubuntu.

### Step 6
 Then, when I connected to my WIFI and pulled out the Ethernet adapter, I was able to maintain a connection to the Internet without ** Ethernet! Even MBP Touchbar model can use WIFI on Linux! ** **

 So it was Qiita's first post!

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