[LINUX] Install Grub on USB memory (UEFI) ~ USB preparation and confirmation ~

Put the boot loader Grub in the USB memory and start it. Many sites have instructions for BIOS / MBR, but this time I will show you how to install for UEFI / GPT. (For intermediate users)

Preparation of USB memory

4GB of USB memory is enough. (8GB this time) First, let's see how USB is recognized by Linux. (... is an abbreviation)

mbr initialization

$install apt update 
$install apt mbr

First, change USB to MBR. MBR even though it is GPT ?? I thought so too, but this seems to work better ... Go next


$sudo fdisk -l                 (1)
 Disk /dev/sdc:7.9282732GB ... (2)
 /dev/sdc1 .... (3)

This command is displayed in (1) by all devices (HDD, SSD, USB, etc.) including storage areas other than USB. In Windows, it is close to what is displayed as C drive ~, D drive ~.

The capacity is displayed in (2). Find something close to your USB capacity

Next, I will describe the notation / dev / sdc1. In Linux, when a USB memory is connected, it will be recognized by Linux by the configuration file in "/ dev", and Linux will name the USB "sdc". (Since this naming method is different for each PC, it is okay to use sdb, sdc ..... In the following sentences, read "sdc" according to your PC environment.)

If you find your USB, look below it and you'll see /dev/sdc1 Will come out. I named the USB memory "sdc" earlier, but for some reason it is "sdc1" here. This is the name given to the first partition in the "sdc" USB stick. If "sdc1" does not appear, the USB has no partition.

In case there is no partition, Next article shows partition creation. The next article creates a partition on the assumption that Grub will be installed on a USB memory, so please continue reading. If there is a partition, skip it

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