[LINUX] Inspired by an article for newcomers (abbreviated below)

I am a new engineer who is struggling to connect to JBoos EAP from Eclipse in the field. Hello everyone

Thank you to those who responded to the Last time post. "Isn't it difficult to realize without a concrete schedule?" I was pointed out. That's right. I'm very happy that there is some reaction to the post!

So, this time I will write the target schedule and the middle of the environment construction.

Schedule for achieving the goal

This I will make a schedule to achieve the goals described in the post in half a year. The items are the same as the previous post.

  1. Make friends with engineers It's hard to make a schedule from the beginning (laughs) Whether you can make friends is the luck of time, so think about what to do for that. I'm going to be busy during April, so I'd like to attend a study session once around the end of GW in May. I'll attend those gatherings twice in May and see what happens and decide whether to continue or take a different approach.

  2. Set up a web server and application server at home I've begun to work on this, It seems that he had done it once in the training (I forgot because I didn't understand what I was doing at that time) Regarding the Web server, I think the construction situation is not so difficult, but I would like to take the time to select what is good. So, I think it would be good if it could be set up by the middle of April. Also, I would like to build the DB that will be needed for the next goal.

  3. Try running a web application that runs on java on a server Last time, I didn't touch on what to do at all, but in the training I made a bulletin board system using Servlet and jsp. At that time, I only ran it with Tomcat on eclipse, so I'd like to run it on the server after practice. As for things, if you fill out the form and press register, it will be registered in the DB and will appear in the list. I hope I can add sessions and login functions as well. I think it would be good if the period could be completed by the end of May or the beginning of June.

  4. Try tasting languages other than java I haven't decided which language to use yet, but this is Goal 3. We are planning to start after the end. Even though java is also a beginner, if I start studying another language at once, my head will explode! By this time, I hope that Linux servers will be available, and I want to be able to create simple Web applications. You can just press the button and say Hello World !! I think I'll spend a lot of time doing this for half a year from June to September.

  5. Promote smart home at home using Google Home and Alexa This is just a bonus, so I'll take some time to move forward. If you really want to make your own learning remote control, maybe you're in GW because you want a lot of time ... Mr. Alexa, who had been unplugged, turned it on for the first time in a while. ~~ (If you start laughing in the middle of the night, I'll hold my breath) ~~

Well, it's been a long time, but I'd like to go with a schedule like this. I would like to work on Qiita posting so that I can post it at a pace of about once a week or more. (Because if you do not proceed, you will be full of poem posts)

Goal progress

Actually, this was the main content for this post ... It's too long, so I'll divide it ... Roughly

Work environment construction (physics) -Secure power supply and move desk ↓ Work environment construction -Eclipse installation VMware installation -Launching Linux VM using CentOS

That's it!

I want to go smoothly to the point where I can set up a web server!

It's been a long time, but thank you for reading this far. Let's set up a server! !!

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