[LINUX] Impressions of receiving LPIC-1. "Recommendation / Difficulty / Study time"

I received LPIC-1

I have about a year of work experience in a contract development venture company. I took LPIC-1 to improve my technical skills and knowledge. Therefore, the purpose was not to pass the qualification, but to ** the knowledge gained through learning to obtain the qualification **. Now that I have passed the exam, I will share the information I got there.

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――I want to know if LPIC is useful in practice ――I want to know the degree of recommendation / difficulty ――I want to know the study time and recommended study materials

Is it useful in practice?

I was quite ** helpful **. I used to use Linux on the spot without knowing it well, but by learning with LPIC, I gained systematic knowledge. However, since the qualification is a means, there is no problem even if you do not receive it separately. In my case, I used LPIC because I wouldn't learn without a clear goal.

Exam outline

--IT qualification to certify technical ability as a Linux engineer in the Linux engineer certification test --Internationally recognized IT qualifications --Test venues are nationwide (countries) --Target exams: 101/102 exams (both must be taken within 5 years) --Examination fee: 15,000 yen (total 30,000 yen) --Answer method: Selective formula using a computer --Test time: 90 minutes --Pass line: 65-75%

Test items

■101 --System architecture --Linux installation and package management --GNU and Unix commands --Device, Linux file system, file system hierarchy standard

■102 --Shell, script, and data management --Interface and desktop --Administrative task work --Required system service --The basics of networking

Recommendation / difficulty

item Evaluation (5 levels)
Recommendation level 3
difficulty 3

For example, using the basic information processing test as a guide, the recommendation level is 3 and the difficulty level is 3. So it's about the same as the basic information processing test.

Study time, recommended learning materials

I think that the learning time is about 150 hours if you are completely inexperienced, and about 50 hours if you are touching Linux. The recommended learning methods are the Linux textbook of the textbook called Azuki book and the Web version of the problem collection [Ping-t](https:: If you alternate //ping-t.com/), the cost is cheap and it is recommended. If the past questions are books, the number of questions is limited, so the website is recommended. After that, the knowledge will be fixed if you move your hands, so I would like to build an environment and actually move it. You can easily build the environment by following the Lesson of dot installation. Linux textbook If you have difficulty understanding, [a book that you can learn the basics of LPIC in a week](https: // If you read www.amazon.co.jp/dp/429500636X/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_2reGEbVCQXX4G), you will understand a lot.

Summary of LPIC

LPIC costs are high, but if you can invest your time and money, you will gain systematic knowledge, so I recommend it. By the way, if you apply for Ping-t, it will be 1,000 yen cheaper, so you can save a total of 2,000 yen.

Reference site

-What kind of qualification is LPIC? I summarized from the difficulty level to the study method

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