[LINUX] If you cd, ls. Shiroyo ……

I'm impatient, so I think it's better to live a life of being tied up with soy sauce on sushi than to live a life of having to ls yourself after cd.

I'm sorry I said too much.

But when doing pair-professional things with others,

"Enter that directory"
"... ls"
"Oh, yes"

Hell exchanges like

cd xxx
0.There was about 5 seconds (three years and two and a half months)

It's true that I can't stand the mysterious waiting time. I'll ask you to automate as much as cdls. The sun will set.

Of course, people who have a strong will to eat sushi without wasabi if I can ls without permission can be left as it is, but those people I have met so far have no idea of automating cdls. It seemed like it was, and when I recommended it, it was almost like "Like it".

If you are using zsh, just add a line to your .zshrc.

function chpwd() { ls }

If you are a bash person, you can also see https://qiita.com/b4b4r07/items/8cf5d1c8b3fbfcf01a5d. ..

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