[PYTHON] I want to know the legend of the IT technology world

Could you tell us the "awesome people" in the IT technology world that you all know! !! !! orz


There is no technical information in this article, please let me know! It is a very low-level article that is left to others. As you can see from the title, we have added tags appropriately. I'm sorry, but please understand. Those who are uncomfortable are recommended through.

At a later date, I would like to check the engineers who taught me and write a few articles about those who were particularly interested. (I don't think anyone wants to read the text, but with gratitude and respect for those who taught me.)

The effect of the legend

I think that the existence of a legend in any industry will create hope, create hope, and raise the level of the industry as a whole.

In my favorite basketball world, there were many legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and so on. When I was a student, superstars such as Iverson, Kobe, Nash, and Shack were leading the NBA. Everyone would have practiced Jason Williams' elbow pass once. (Lol) That's right. I think that "longing" is necessary for everyday motivation! !! !!


I do not know! (Don!!!)

After graduating from university, I became an engineer from a working adult, and this is my fifth year. (It's early) When I was a student, I wasn't interested in IT at all. Therefore, I don't know any great engineers or managers. orz Of course I know Apple's Steve Jobs & Wozniak combination, Microsoft's Bill Gates, facebook's Zuckerberg, Google's Larry Page, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and Oracle's Larry Ellison (only by name).

↓ Woz wozu .jpeg

And then, I really don't know the name of a Japanese engineer! !! This is actually sad, but I think many young engineers are like that. All I know are Takafumi Horie, Hiroyuki Nishimura, Ochiai from Tsukuba, and other people in the media. (I know a little more.)

Please tell me the recommended legend

I suspect that the IT industry is supported by a small number of geniuses. I don't know.

Therefore! Can you tell us the recommended legends of Japanese IT engineers and managers (of course, foreigners are also happy). Or such a great thing is happening now. etc (Infrastructure technology developer, software developer, OSS developer, language developer, legendary manager)

This person is like this! If there is a comment, I will definitely check it, and if there is a book, I will read it. To motivate everyone for my future engineering life! orz

I'm sorry to say that the "IT industry" is really rough, but thank you.

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