[PYTHON] How to Git from GCP's Jupyter Lab to GSR

1. Purpose

Recently, I've become accustomed to the basic sequence of add, commit, push from cloud shell to GSR on GCP, but since the actual development is often done with jupyter Lab, not from cloud shell. I thought it would be convenient to be able to push from Jupyter Lab, so I summarized the basic flow.

Specifically, we will launch a notebook from GCP's AI Platform.

2. Let's try it immediately

(1) Create a repository first

I created a repository called "Qiita" on GSR and pushed "test.txt" from the cloud shell in advance. (The following is the screen of GSR's Qiita repository)


(2) Launch of Jupyter Lab

Select "AI Platform" from the GCP hamburger menu (menu on the left).

Then select your notebook and create an instance.


(3) Creating a directory

Create a new folder as shown below. This time, I created a directory called Qiita_notebook manually.


(4) Create a notebook for Git → Clone from GSR

Create a notebook in the Qiita_notebook directory created in (3). This time it is "Qiita.ipynb".

In this notebook, type the command as follows.


① Initial setting This is the same flow as normal Git.

② Clone Clone the GSR Qiita repository

→ When you execute this, the "Qiita" repository will be cloned suddenly as shown in ③ of the above capture.

(5) Try to modify the text file

Go to the Qiita repository, open test.txt, and add as below → Save and close.


(6) Move Qiita.ipynb into the Qiita repository

It will be manual, but now I will cut Qiita.ipynb outside the Qiita repository and paste it to the Qiita repository.


(7) Finally push

If you type the command as below, it will be pushed to GSR!


(8) Confirm with GSR

I was able to push from jupyter Lab safely!


3. Conclusion

What did you think. I've only recently started learning Git, so I didn't know I could push from the jupyter lab (notebook). After this, I would like to learn and post about branching, merging, and conflict resolution!

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