[LINUX] How to change Apache's Document Root in Elastic Beanstalk's .ebextensions

When launching EC2 on Elastic Beanstalk, Apache's Document Root


      DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/"

It has become. I tried to change this, but I did something a little tricky, so I'll leave it.


64bit Amazon Linux/2.9.3 Apache/2.4.41


Put the following files in the .ebextensions folder.


    content: |
      ##The contents of the conf file with the Docment Root changed are described below.
      ##For example ↓↓
      DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/public"

      #### End of AWS Settings ####
    command: "sudo rm /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"
    command: "sudo cp /etc/httpd/conf/myhttpd.conf /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"
    command: "sudo httpd -k restart"

In this file (1) Place the configuration file myhttpd.conf with the changed Document Root in EC2. (2) After starting Apache with the original configuration file httpd.conf, delete httpd.conf ③ Replace myhttpd.conf with httpd.conf ④ Restart Apache I am following the procedure.

Why you are following this procedure

Originally I tried to overwrite httpd.conf before the first Apache launch, but for some reason Document Root was rewritten to the default. So I took a little tricky procedure.

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