[LINUX] Goal setting & study diary Day 1 (2020/6/20)

Purpose of keeping a study diary

I decided to keep a study diary from today. Its purpose is as follows.

--To make learning a habit ――To use as a material to appeal your motivation for learning when you change jobs --A memorandum for yourself


The immediate goal in programming learning is to create a high-quality portfolio and change jobs to a web-based in-house development company.

Why is it a self-developed company?

I started learning programming around December last year and attended an online school called Codecamp Gate from January to May this year. After graduating, I was doing job change activities with a portfolio of hairy hair on the EC site created at the school, but of course web companies will not be able to deal with it.

Meanwhile, the other day I received an offer from an SES company. As a result of thinking about what I really want to do, ** "I want to be involved in development from the beginning of my career as an engineer, grow as quickly as possible, and contribute to the company and society to which I belong." ** I thought so. Therefore,

--There is a high possibility that you will gain development experience from the beginning. ――If the number of employees is small, you can be involved consistently from service planning to release. ――Not only can you develop according to the given requirements, but you can also think for yourself and improve the service.

I thought that an in-house developed company with a small number of employees would be the ideal place to change jobs, and decided to study desperately for that.

Technology to be learned

We plan to learn the following.

--Computer Science Basics --Linux basics

I plan to briefly review what I have learned so far.

reference About the learning order and specific teaching materials until creating a portfolio with Rails Learning order and teaching materials for incorporating AWS, Docker and CircleCI into your portfolio

Learning content of the first day

On the first day, we learned about the basics of Linux. Specifically, I relearned the basic commands of Linux in Linux Standard Textbook. At first, I wanted to learn from the basics of computer science, but I haven't received the reference book I ordered yet, so I started working on Linux first.

Tomorrow's schedule

Today I took time to look back at myself and set goals, and learning didn't go as far as I expected, but tomorrow I'd like to finish the basics of Linux and move on to learning programming languages.

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