[LINUX] Get rid of slow scp -pr

Get rid of slow scp -pr

Scp -pr on a large number of small files to get rid of the slowness.

$ du -hs 201703
2.3G    201703
$ find . -name '*.gz'|wc -l

So, 2.3GB, transfer of 30,000 files. Obediently scp -pr

$ time scp -pr 201703 [email protected]:~/tmp/


real    6m46.450s
user    0m28.824s
sys     0m58.958s

And it was about 5.8MB / s.

If you devise this

$ time tar cf - 201703 | ssh [email protected] 'cd tmp; tar xf -'

real    1m50.797s
user    0m16.753s
sys     0m25.793s

Improved to 21.4MB / s.

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