[PYTHON] Generate URL query from JSON


I touched Python's Request module for the first time. ** Can I create a query from JSON **? !! It's convenient! Great! → Reproduced with Shortcuts: relaxed:

Whole flow

This time, the URL for extracting the id from the Apple Music URL and requesting it to the iTunes Search API Is generated. ![079E3100-6A2E-40CC-9328-D34267E2BF38.jpeg](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/561438/42b96181-0db6-e9e0-57a9-d50df4d789ac .jpeg)

Get the query string from the entered URL

44E3B10A-2C8A-40DD-865B-45EF3ECECAD1.jpeg Specify to get the query with [Get URL component]. ʻI = 40284574` is output.

Put a value in the dictionary for queries

7AAC9F70-FF78-4B4E-A352-DC3990537D20.jpeg出力するURLのクエリーを I want to set country = jp & lang = ja_jp & id = 40284574, so enter the value that matches it. This variable * i * is the magic variable output from the [Get component of URL] above. Like the GIF below

  1. Tap the magic variable
  2. Set the type to dictionary
  3. Specify the key ʻi This action allows you to convert ** ʻi = 40284574 to{"i": "40284574"}and treat it as the value of the key ʻi`. ** (Very convenient) By the way, if you try to do the same without using this tech, it will increase by 2 actions (see the image below). It is troublesome, so I strongly recommend using the above technique. 1AD0CB83-761E-4F37-84E2-2EFB9D776219.jpeg

Get the value for each key in the dictionary and pair it

92DC4083-9E66-4EEB-8D68-A1F4930D0378.jpeg Put the [dictionary] keys (country, lang, ʻid) in [repeat each item]to pair with the corresponding value. Using the technique above, treat the magic variables in the dictionary as a list (array) of keys. ![7D92D38F-9251-4B78-8026-FD98D199981B.gif](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/561438/40776e22-3086-bff5-e5b6-1abef73cee05.gif) Output a list by connecting keys and values with'=' in[Repeat each item]. We've combined this list with [Merge Text]` using'&' and plunged into the query part of the URL.

Link to this shortcut

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