[LINUX] Flutter Cross-Platform Latest Support


It summarizes Flutter's cross-platform support status. If there is a change, it will be updated at any time.

Support status

platform Support status Corresponding version Links to announcement events, etc.
Android Officially supported v1.0.After 0 Flutter Live 18
iOS Officially supported v1.0.After 0 Flutter Live 18
Web Beta v1.12 or later(beta, dev,Only available on master channel) Flutter Interact '19
macOS Alpha version -(dev,Only available on master channel) Flutter Live 18
Linux Preview version Same as above Same as above
Windows Preview version Same as above Same as above

Beta version meaning

As a Flutter SDK, it means that the function has been fixed to some extent and it has reached the level where developers can start using it.

Opinion of alpha version

It is unlikely that the basic configuration will change significantly, but the specifications and implementation may change in the future, and it is still difficult to apply it to products. However, since it is at a level that works to some extent, it can be used as a trial.

Opinion of Preview version

At the complete trial and test level, there is still the possibility of major changes in specifications and implementation. There are still a lot of TODOs left, and it seems like it will work for the time being, but Generally, it is the stage for the purpose of getting new knowledge and feedback by having the user try it.

Future forecast

Looking at the past, it has been promoted in a cycle of alpha → beta → official version. Therefore, we anticipate that the web version will be officially supported at the end of 2020 and macOS will be in beta.

Since macOS is almost like iOS, I feel that it will be possible if we can support additional functions required for the desktop.

Is there a demand for Linux in the first place? The priority of the story is always attached, but is it a feeling that you can do it as well?

Isn't it the most difficult to support Windows desktop in terms of mechanism?

I think that it is possible to develop for the desktop as hard as Electron, but I think that it will be possible to proceed in consideration of cost effectiveness and priority.

Flutter SDK release history


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Flutter Cross-Platform Latest Support