[LINUX] FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard)

TL;DR Make a note of only what you want to remember. Make notes in order of deepest involvement.

/bin Basic commands used by both system administrators (root) and general users / sbin is the command used by the system administrator (root)

/etc setting file System configuration file, application configuration file

/tmp Temporarily save the file Rebooting will delete the files in the directory

/var Temporarily save the file Rebooting does not delete files in the directory Log files etc. are placed

/usr A directory for users with many subdirectories / usr / bin Commands commonly used by users / usr / lib Shared libraries required for programs / usr / local Commands and libraries required by the local system

/mnt Removable media

/lib The libraries needed to execute commands in the "/ bin" and "/ sbin" directories

/home Each user's home directory

/boot Files required at system startup

/dev Device file

/opt Used when installing with dpkg

/proc Information inside the kernel CPU, memory usage, network information, etc.

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FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard)