[LINUX] Ubuntu best

I used to be an infrastructure engineer

I wonder if there were more Unixes than Linux

I used to be an infrastructure engineer. Actually, I used HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix. Mostly from SparkStation and HP terminals. At that time, I was managing the payment system, Web system, mail system, and mail store of a certain mobile carrier. I was doing various things. You also set up a monitoring room. It was fun because it was a young company. At that time, I was thinking of using Linux, but I was afraid to break the partition, so I didn't use it.

I started building Linux around the age of 29

I started building systems on Linux when I was about 29 years old. Until then, I was playing with FD startup. I liked playing and became a job. But I don't know why I had a problem, but I was forced to take on tasks other than server management and it was hell.

I joined a Linux mail order back office company.

I also enjoyed Linux at that time. I was devoted to studying and researching how to build it by crushing VMs every day and installing Linux. Occasionally, I also went on a business trip to set up a server in Tokyo. It was fun at that time as well, but I had a hard time because I was hit by a cracker. Even in the middle of the night, I didn't know the cause, and I was scared that the ◯ national crackers were attacking in the end.

The reason I quit the company was that I really wanted to be a programmer.

I wanted to be a programmer, but the infrastructure was too much fun. I enjoyed programming because I wanted to do programming, but I quit the company and went to a mail-order company. However, it was a system that used Access. I couldn't tell you anything. Since then, I thought Linux would be used for play. You used only CentOS. At that time.

I became a smartphone human resource development student in Gifu prefecture.

Is it from that? The reason why I hated Windows for a while was that my teacher finally gave me MacBook White. After that, I thought that MacOS and Linux were better than Windows.

It has finally happened.

I met Ubuntu. I found CentOS when I was looking for it because the setting is unexpectedly troublesome and the tuning is troublesome. Ubuntu-kun. After that, I put Ubuntu in Aspire One or put Virtualbox in Mac and put Ubuntu. WSL is actually Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu so much because it's easy to tune. That's it, it starts up quickly. Unless you need the fastest installation, it's Ubuntu. After all new things are available quickly and it's fun.

I'm sorry I got into an Ubuntu discussion.

Please enjoy your Linux life as well.

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