[PYTHON] The story of writing a program

If you're doing a program lately, The first program I touched when I was in junior high school was N80-BASIC. As I still remember, the following writing was completely in my head.

WIDTH 80,25
CONSOLE 0,25,0,1

Of course, when I hit this code back then, Just point the interpreter at an inorganic cursor I don't have any help. .. ..

So to speak, writing a program It's still the same, he's a really inorganic guy.

Well, today's topic, Starting with a new programming language and development environment After all, like the program Hello, Greetings are important.

Not only in the program world, but also in the real world If one greeting is passed, the other party will tell you something.

Even if you just get close to the other person without knowing anything That's why you have a troubled face just like Chimpung Kampung In the worst case, you'll just be repelled to go over there.

The story is a little derailed, but ...

When I first went on a college graduation trip, in transit at an American airport I left my ticket in my caster case And I managed to explain the crisis to a black woman at the airport counter, "No ticket! No ride!" However, I still remember being really driven back.

After that, I think I can use Japanese from the help desk at the airport. An old man came and took me to the baggage claim.

Because the characteristics of my bag were close to silver Say "gold" and somehow pull back the bag, I was able to get a ticket.

The horror of that time and the friends I went with were laughing at me This is the first episode of an overseas trip that I still remember. (A nostalgic video became a hot topic at the alumni association, and I still post it on YOUTUBE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joamkkQdKQw

Well, aside from such a derailment story, the main subject is, In other words, what does the program language write first? The rule is always the same, If you don't know that, you can't put out your hands or feet at all.

From the chatbot side, "What should the customer write?" Can you kindly tell me the beginning of the code?

At least when AI came out, I seriously said that there was a shortage of engineers. Gap of communication with computer I hope it will be filled.

That's why today's topic is starting to learn recently. So that even beginners can understand the beginning of the program language I will try to summarize it in my own way.

python ---> import

In the case of python, it is an import statement. This wouldn't be wrong.

C# ---> using

In the case of C #, it's the using clause. It's not the beginning of enka.

C --->  #include < >

I remembered it a while ago, so I'll add it c ++ may be basically the same,

node.js ---> require()

I dare not mention JavaScript that gets stuck in HTML

VB.NET ---> Imports

Unfortunately, there is no such convention in VBA. I will write it in the case of VB.NET.   JAVA ---> import

I have never used JAVA personally, so I will write it down as knowledge


Typescript RUBY PHP GO

I wonder if there are many. I don't know for now.

By the way, such a greeting is Hello to the other person In that case, of course, it is necessary, For example, trying to get a glimpse of someone else's conversation It is the same even if you open GITHUB etc.

First of all, from this greeting Everything starts, I have to unravel from here The program is completely incomprehensible.

This greeting is very important and For example, the manners of the other country It is packed with general knowledge such as customs and culture.

Especially recently, I've been talking about namespaces (You don't have to name the namespace) In the first place, this is just a tree-structured directory It's a name, and I want you to say it that way.

Besides, virtual space is called ENV in PYTHON. It is made, but if you say this too It's just the name of a temporary folder. (It is this IT engineer who says difficult things that are really difficult It's an unpleasant rule, and that's why it's roundabout It's a kind of disgusting culture that doesn't accept beginners)

And the recent object thinking is In the olden days, one craftsman started his own business, Gradually hiring more people and working systematically It's like building more and more departments.

Generally speaking, programs are the rules of the real world. It is said that common sense and rules are pushed into the storage area of the personal computer. It ’s just that, but I do n’t accept beginners. There is a unique atmosphere.

That's why, the more the world in the future becomes an IT society, the more These advanced engineers and home engineers are on their own I want to make a hole in the infested world.

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