ArcoLinux v20 xfce install

I have installed ArcoLinux v20 xfce. UPDATE from v19 seems to be quite painful. It's supposed to be a Rolling release, but what about that? The feeling of betrayal is incomplete. </ strong> This area cannot be the main machine! I have no choice but to judge.

The equipment used is an old machine with FMV core 2 duo. Installation screen ↓ arco550.jpeg

Because it's an old machine tab (space) Add EDD = OFF </ strong> </ span> </ span> Was needed. At this time, the keyboard is an English key. Please note that the "=" should be to the right of the "=" in the Japanese key.

The conditions vary depending on the machine you are using Please try various things. A lightweight, light and easy-to-use distro that is typical of xfce.

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