Let's try Linux for the first time

I heard that Linux is a technology that can be used anywhere and that the basic skills of engineers will improve, so I tried Linux for the first time. I will introduce the flow that I started and what I did first. I hope it will be helpful for people who do not know what to do.

I tried putting Linux in a virtual machine

I tried to put Linux in the virtual machine by referring to the following article. https://qiita.com/miyase256/items/b44a89eb636d16de010c I'm going to VirtualBox on Ubuntu.

You can start over, so you don't have to spend time choosing the type of virtual machine or Linux distribution. (I called it, but I didn't understand it after all, so I referred to this article) This article alone is ready to work with Linux. (To download iso, click the link and go to option2-> option3 to download it.)

In the installation battle, the items that appear and the order are different from the article, and there are places where I did it properly. Since it is a virtual machine, it does not affect Windows itself, and if you make a mistake, you can start over, so I think you should take it easy.

Virtual machines are simply You can start and use it like other ordinary apps, and once you start it, you can use Linux or something. It seems that you can also delete the created virtual environment Anyway, I'm going to touch it once, so let's proceed at first! !!

After building the environment, I tried something like this next.

I tried to build a file server


I tried to build a web server


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