[LINUX] LinuC Level 2 (201/202) Examination Report

Introduction I want to work on Linux-related projects, so I studied and took the exam to learn the basics. * LPIC Level 1 is acquired through training for new employees.

Study method First, the standard "Ping-t ". However, since it will be paid content (¥ 2400 / month), I used it for only one month.

The period of "1 month" is

  1. I want to avoid wasting money in the first place
  2. Short-term concentration rather than lazy
  3. When I was a new employee, I got LPIC level 1 in 2 weeks, so 1 month is enough time I decided.

The other is the so-called "<a href=https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B071JQZ6N5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1/> Akamoto ". I bought this as my next goal when I was a new employee, but I couldn't start it and put it in the corner of the shelf.

How to proceed

  1. Proceed with 1 unit per day as a guide
  2. Scan the red book → Solve the problem with Ping-t → Retry the wrong part & operate with the actual machine

Result First, take the 201 exam on October 16, 2020. result, "Pass"

Then, take the 202 exam on 2020.11.03. result, "Pass" </ b>


The impression that I took the exam is ・ The question text was easier to understand than when I took the LPIC exam in the past. → LinuC is specialized for the Japanese market and was created in Japan? LPIC is a global standard and is based on English, so the problem of literal translation mistranslation is likely to occur. ・ Many options that could not be confirmed in the red book or Ping-t were asked. → Basically answer by elimination ・ Ping-t is enough to pass ・ Those who have experience in projects (DNS, storage system, network system) are not good points, but they are able to answer stably. → It is best to actually build it

The percentage of correct answers for each item.

No. Items Correct answer rate (%)
200 Capacity Planning 75
201 Linux kernel 77
202 System boot 77
203 Filesystems and Devices 100
204 Advanced storage management 100
205 Network configuration 81
206 System maintenance 66
207 Domain Name Server 87
208 HTTP Service 72
209 File Sharing 75
210 Network Client Management 72
211 Email Service 37
212 System Security 57

Conclusion For the time being, I'm glad I passed straight. However, there is one problem. It has level 1 inactive and has not been officially certified as level 2. ![inactive.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/639874/5ba5999b-3501-ea12-2b5e-2efb00619c65.png)

It's a terrible situation. However, it has been proved that it has the ability equivalent to level 2, so I will try to acquire it again soon.

Next, I'm considering Microsoft Azure Administrator . It seems that there is also free content ( MICROSOFT LEARN for AZURE ), and above all, it touches on cloud technologies other than AWS. It is also essential for future career plans.