[LINUX] It seems that some RHEL will be free with a big boo for the end of CentOS

After the end of CentOS

The announcement of the end of CentOS on December 8, 2020 seems to have been shocking, and the following entry I wrote is popular.

** From CentOS to CentOS Stream. Impact of CentOS termination **

Since then, several RHEL-compatible distributions, such as Rocky Linux as an alternative CentOS, have been announced. Then, on January 20, 2021, the following article was posted on RED HAT BLOG.

Need a stable, RHEL-compatible alternative to CentOS? Three reasons to consider Oracle Linux rhelfree01.png

Will some RHEL be free?

For details, please read the above blog, but the important points are as follows.

The details are up to you as the program hasn't officially started, but individual users will find it helpful. However, it seems that there are quite a few enterprise users in the world who are using CentOS on a large scale.

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