[Python: UnicodeDecodeError] One of the error solutions when reading CSV


Recently, there have been many opportunities to collect sensor data on an Android device, convert it from JSON format to CSV format using Python, and format the data.

So, I got stuck in a certain error, so I will leave a memo as a memorandum.

Error that occurred

UnicodeDecodeError: '****' codec can't decode byte 0x** in position **:

Looking at this error, I wondered if there was something wrong with the CSV, or if the code below was flawed. But this was not the case.

with open(path, encoding="***")

Applicable code snippet

dir = os.getcwd() + "/" + folder
files = os.listdir(dir)

This code can return the files that exist in a certain folder in list format. I was trying to use this code to handle a large number of JSON and CSV files in list format.


The cause was that files prefixed with., So-called hidden files, were included in the list. For my environment, ".DS_Store" was included in the list.

at the end

If you get stuck in a similar error (swamp), it is recommended that you make sure that you have not accidentally read a "file that you do not want to handle" such as a hidden file.

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