[LINUX] How to write a ShellScript Bash for statement


--Summary of how to write a for statement that repeats processing a specified number of times with ShellScript Bash

Example of writing

--The following is an example of a for statement that repeats processing a specified number of times. --((i = 0; i <specified number of times; i ++)) is ((i starts from 0; processing ends when this number is reached; i plus 1 for each processing))) It means


for ((i=0; i<Specified number of times; i++)); do
Processing that you want to repeat the specified number of times

More specific example of writing

--The output of the expected value is described below.


--The process for outputting the expected value described above is described below.


for ((i=0; i<5; i++)); do
  echo "${FOO_1}"

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