[LINUX] Overview of Docker (for beginners)


Docker is a technology introduced by many IT development companies. Many of those who aim to become engineers will use it in the future, so I will briefly summarize what I learned.

What is Docker?

In a nutshell, it makes it easier to build an environment. Usually, when developing an application, it starts with building an environment. When building the environment, download a number of packages. At that time, an error occurred and it became a difficult task to troubleshoot. All team members will do this. You also need to be careful about building the environment in the development environment, test environment, and production environment. With Docker, environment construction is completed just by starting the container, so environment construction becomes very easy.

What is a container?

Usually, a container is a container that can hold things inside. Many containers in Docker can be created on your own PC or server, and are like boxes where you can install development environments, execution environments, packages, and libraries. You can work inside a container or use a container to run scripts. Once you have a container, you can give it to someone, or to a test or production environment.

How to make a container

Docker file => Docker image => container

Create a Docker file and create a Docker image from it. You can create a container from this Docker image.

Docker Hub Many packages are available within Docker Hub. It's like Git Hub in Git. Using Docker Hub when managing Docker image publicly, You can create a container by pulling a Docker image.



Kameleon Lecturer "Docker course taught by US AI developers from scratch"


There is a charge, but it was very easy for me as a beginner to understand.


We hope that this post will help beginners review.

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