[LINUX] Server construction with CONOHA VPS (CentOS)

Server construction with CONOHA VPS (CentOS)

table of contents

1. I did it

For the time being, only the reference URL and the image after construction. I will write commands and notes later. If you look at the reference URL, you can do it, so if you are in a hurry, please go there. image.png

2. Next time

Add PHP and CakePHP.


http://samancha.com/archives/659, Web server construction with ConoHa and CentOS7 https://support.conoha.jp/v/study-11/?btn_id=v-study-10-sidebar_v-study-11, User's Guide 11th: The first step of the Web server that I want to teach only to you https://qiita.com/nanocloudx/items/e393dead67b8a48ba6a6, Server construction with ConoHa and CentOS7

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