[LINUX] [Fancontrol] Fancontrol settings complete version! If this doesn't work, give up!


If you are interested in this article, you may be suffering from fan noise, or you may want to work in a silent but silent state.

I stumbled on Ryzen for the first time on my own Linux PC, and this time I bought a used i7-3770 and it seemed to work, so I left it in the article.

It is worth writing if I can help those who are suffering from similar problems.


You can avoid the problem of device not being found by specifying the / etc / fancontol setting with the full path and Wildcard.

About our environment

--Device name: nct6667 --CPU fan: 1 --Case fan: 1

--pwm1 = Case fan --pwm2 = CPU fan

About our settings

--Since neither of our fans stopped, we set MINSTOP to 0. --Case fan: Start rotation at 50% rmp until CPU temperature is above 45 degrees --CPU fan: Rotate at the lowest speed until the CPU temperature is above35 degrees, then start rotating at 150 rpm --MINSTOP is set to 0 because neither fan` stops completely.

Caution Since the cooling performance and noise level differ depending on the fan, the rpm value should be set while adjusting the balance well.

--My case fan set the rpm value to a small value (50 rpm) to make a pretty roaring sound.

** Tips ** If you don't know where the device name is, try it because you can easily find it with find directory name -name device name.

How to find the location of the device

find directory name-name device name



# Configuration file generated by pwmconfig, changes will be lost


FCTEMPS=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=/sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/temp1_input /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm2=/sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/temp1_input

FCFANS=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/devices/pwm1=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/fan1_input /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/devices/pwm2=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/fan2_input

MINTEMP=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=35 /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm2=35

MAXTEMP=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=60 /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm2=60

MINSTART=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=50 /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm2=150

MINSTOP=/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=0 /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm2=0

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