[LINUX] CentOS8, please update the gorilla before the daily reboot (dnf command)

Reboot is just a reboot

In the article I want to restart CentOS8 on time every day, I created an environment to restart CentOS8 every day.

But I noticed one thing. ** Oh, this kid has only restarted ... ** That's right. .. It can be troublesome if the package is automatically updated by restarting. .. (Due to dependencies or religious reasons ** I didn't dare to update the package **, but it collapses)

So I decided to include the package update script in my daily reboot.

First check what kind of updates are coming



dnf check-update

It looks like this. Something is coming. image.png

So you can use the dnf command to control things around package updates.

Gorilla update

What is Gorilla Update? ** Update everything that's coming because it doesn't matter! I'll do something about the rest! ** ** It is a powerful update method allowed only for the strong man.

Gorilla update command

dnf upgrade -y --allowerasing

Orangutan update

What is an orangutan update? ** Only security and important updates are automatically updated for the time being! Other than that, "Hey, wait! Do not update with ** It is a wise update method.

Orangutan update command

dnf upgrade-minimal -y --security


If it is a home server or a development server, I think that the following usages should be balanced.

Reference site

https://qiita.com/yasushi-jp/items/0dc7f413632927f92286 https://www.atmarkit.co.jp/ait/articles/2001/09/news018.html https://www.atmarkit.co.jp/ait/articles/2002/06/news010.html https://blog.luispc.com/entry/2019/12/05/214513


CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011

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