[Python] Understand the content of error messages


Although it is a memorandum for myself to learn Python, here is a summary of how to read error messages.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for solving the problem by borrowing the wisdom of our predecessors, and I am very sorry to say that I will summarize it here as my own memo.

Development environment

Error message

1. NameError


--Caused by miss typing. It also happens with the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.


prlnt("Hello World !")    #Wrong...print→prlnt

print("Hello World !")    #Positive


Traceback (most resent call last):
    file "c:/~/sample.py", line 1, in <module>
        pilnt("Hello World !")
NameError: name 'Pilnt' is not defined

[Translation] Name error in module in last last call: The name "pilnt" on the first line is undefined.  ↓ ** "I made a misspelling! 』** That means.


--Occurs when a function call is made before the function definition.


print(cost(100000))        #Wrong...Calling cost before definition

def cost(bill):
    return int(bill * 1.1)


NameError: name 'cost' id not defined

[Translation] Name error occurred: "cost" is not defined.  ↓ ** "I haven't figured out or understood the function" cost "yet" **.

2. SyntaxError

――It happens due to a mistake in grammar.



print("Hello World !)     #Wrong...Forget closing quotes

print("Hello World !")    #Positive


SyntaxError: EOL while scaning stringliteral

[Translation] A syntax error occurred: An End Of Line was found while scanning a string literal.  ↓ ** "I thought it was a character string, but it ended up at the end of the line! ?? Fine? 』** That means.



print( Hello World ! )    #Wrong...Forget quotes

print("Hello World !")    #Positive


SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

[Translation] A syntax error has occurred: An invalid character was found in the identifier.  ↓ ** "I thought it was a variable or a function (because it's not enclosed in quotes), but don't use"! "~" **.

The "!" (Exclamation mark) is a character that cannot be used as the name of a variable or function. For this reason, it has been pointed out as an illegal character.



ifheight > 180:     #Wrong...There is no half-width space immediately after if

if height > 180:    #Positive


SyntaxError: invalid systax

[Translation] Grammar error occurred: Illegal grammar.  ↓ ** "You can't write like that" **.

3. TypeError

--Occurs when there is a problem with the data type.


print(5 + "Sheet")        #Wrong...5(Numerical value)When,"Sheet"(String)I tried to combine with the + operator, but I can't concatenate because they are different.

print("5" + "Sheet")      #Positive...Match the type to the str type
print(str(5) + "Sheet")   #Positive...Same as above


TypeError: unsupporter operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'str'

[Translation] Type error occurs: The + operator does not support the type of the operand.  ↓ ** "Since the data type is different between int and str, we can't process them together" **.

4. IndentaionError

--This happens when there is no nested indentation for if, for statement, function, etc., or when there is a gap.


if counter > 10:
break               #Wrong...No indentation

if counter > 10:
    break           #Positive


IndentationError: expected an indented block

[Translation] Indent error occurs: Predicts that an indented block is needed.  ↓ ** "I haven't indented, but I need indentation ~" **.

5. ValueError

--This happens when a character string containing non-numeric characters is used as an argument of the int function.

--Occurs when an unsupported data type is passed to a function.


ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'xxxxxxx'

[Translation] Value error occurred: Illegal literal: string "xxxxxxx" for int function with argument base 10.  ↓ ** "I'm putting a character string to convert in decimal! 』** That means.

6. ModuleNotFoundError

--Occurs when the module cannot be imported. (Mainly due to typos)


import xxxxxxxx


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'xxxxxxxx'    #I can't find the module name "xxxxxxxx"

[Translation] Module not found error occurred: There is no module named "xxxxxxxx".  ↓ ** "There is no module named" xxxxxxxx "! 』** That means.

8. ZeroDivisionError

--What happens when you divide by so-called "zero"


10 + 10 + 10 + 10 * 0 + 10 + 10 / 0 + 10


ZeroDivisionError: division by zero

[Translation] Zero division error occurred: Divided by zero.  ↓ (As it is) ** "It's a zero split! 』** That means.

9. KeyboradInterrupt

--It happens when you stop the infinite loop by pressing "ctrl" + "C" keys.


Traceback (most resent call last):
    file "c:/~/sample.py", line 120, in <module>
        counter += 1

[Translation] I got an interrupt from the keyboard.  ↓ ** "I stopped the program by inputting an interrupt from the keyboard! 』** That means.

(Editor's note)

I have collected and summarized the errors that I often encounter. First of all, I want to understand the content, cause and reason of a simple error so that I will not panic when an error occurs when programming complicatedly.

VS Code seems to have an extension that checks the grammar in real time, so I'll try various things.

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