[LINUX] Generate a password that is easy to remember with apg

I usually have my password manager remember my password (I manage it with keepassx), and any password can be a random string, but sometimes it's random but I want to create a password I want to remember. There is. For example, when you need to generate a password that you want to share within your team. Password policies vary considerably from person to person, and if they are too random, they will complain if they cannot be remembered, and if they are too easy to remember, they will complain.

linux has a command called apg for password generation, and it seems that the default password algorithm of this is using the algorithm that generates a provocative random string devised by Morrie Gasser, so this command is random and memorable. Ask them to generate a password that looks easy.

Example of use

$ apg -m12 -t
idIpwikFiut: (id-Ip-wik-Fi-ut-COLON)
VuHanErtecGa (Vu-Han-Ert-ec-Ga)                                             
nufazVohujIm (nuf-az-Vo-huj-Im)
IbreksOvDafs (Ibr-eks-Ov-Dafs)
yeimFekejquo (yeim-Fek-ej-quo)
ricsobhawoj9 (rics-ob-haw-oj-NINE)

I will give you some candidates. -T will teach you how to read it, so choose a password that is easy to remember.

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