[LINUX] Erase & generate serial number files with shell script

Make a serial number

You can use the command seq, but if you want to specify the number of digits, use the -f option. "Seq -f% 0 digits first number last number" Anyway. Don't forget to write 0 ...


for NUMPATH in `seq -f %05g 1 96`
 echo "flow_z${NUMPATH}_0000950000"

The execution result is as follows

rm flow_z00081_0000010000
rm flow_z00095_0000950000
rm flow_z00096_0000950000

Usage example

If you want to delete a serial number file, but the wildcard exceeds the limit, you can not write it well, and it is difficult to use a regular expression, you can handle it with the above code.

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