[PYTHON] I made a tool to notify Slack of Connpass events and made it Terraform

I made a tool (python) to notify Slack of study session information of Connpass and tried to automate deployment with terraform. Click here for things → https://github.com/ishim0226/ConnpassToSlack

All you have to do is set some parameters and apply, so you can deploy in minutes.

Background made

I usually work as an infrastructure engineer and don't do much programming, so I wanted to study. Anyway, I wanted to multiply the skills of the infrastructure part, and as a result of thinking on the premise of infrastructure coding on the cloud, I made something like this. If you find something strange, I would appreciate it if you could comment.

Tool features

Roughly speaking, the features are as follows.

--Notify only newly added events or updated events. (Notified events are managed in DB) --You can filter the events notified below. --Keyword (Multiple ORs can be specified, * AND and exclusion are not possible) --Venue (Multiple ORs can be specified, * AND and exclusion are not possible) --Presence / absence of notification when there is an update to the event once notified (default is "do not notify") --Deploy in minutes. --Low cost. There is an AWS usage fee, but it probably costs less than a few hundred yen / month.

Outline of processing

Run Lambda periodically with Cloudwatch Events and send the acquired Events to DynamoDB. After that, hit the Slack Webhook URL in Lambda executed by DynamoDB Stream to notify Slack.

Architecture diagram


Flow to execution

  1. Clone the Repository (https://github.com/ishim0226/ConnpassToSlack).
  2. Edit the parameters (terraform / variables.tf).
    Here you can set filter conditions, execution time, Slack notification destination, etc.
  3. Run terraform to complete deployment

When the execution time is reached, the following Slack notification will be sent. image.png

Reference URL

-Build Lambda (Cron startup) with Terraform -Using DynamoDB with Python -Run Aws Lambda locally -Slack Webhook URL acquisition procedure

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