[LINUX] Communication and networking

Study record

Communication and network 1/20

What you studied

--Communication method (circuit switching method / packet switching method) --tcpdump command (command to see the contents of the packet) --ping command --About IP address

What are you studying based on

-Introduction to N Preparatory School Programming

Details of the contents

--How does the Internet work? How communication is actually done --TCP / UDP, IP address, etc.

About what I found

――I knew ping in an internet game, but I think I understood it even more. --I learned that the IP address is about to be migrated. ――I feel that what I only knew as a word became known a little deeper.

It was difficult

――It wasn't difficult, it was full of things I knew but didn't know.

What to do next time

――It looks like a network-related class next time!

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