[LINUX] Rsync multiple files at once

--files-from option

--Enter the file names you want to rsync in a text file separated by line breaks --Specify the text file and send it with a single rsync command -** The files you want to rsync must be stored in the same directory. ** **


Enter the file name in /path/to/images.txt (separated by line breaks)




$images = '/path/to/images.txt'
$src_path = '/path/to/src/';
$tar_path = '/path/to/tar/';
$rsync_host = 'User name@Destination IP address';

$command = "rsync -av --files-from=".$images." ".$src_path." ".$rsync_host.":".$tar_path;
exec ( $command, $output, $ret );
if($ret == 0) {
   return true;
} else {
   return false;

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