Python error messages are concrete and easy to understand "ga" (SyntaxError on the closing side of triple "" "comments)


(Before that,,, I have received "comments" etc., and this article needs correction, I'm sorry. )

I don't have enough experience to compare it with anything, ** Python error messages are concrete and easy to understand ** I feel that. Therefore, the error can be read not only at a glance but also seriously. I feel that it is a shortcut for error resolution.

However, there are times when I don't understand for a moment, so ** Let's calm down on the assumption that you should understand ** This is an article to show such feelings.

SyntaxError on the closing side of triple "" "comments

On the closing side of the supplementary ** triple "" "comment, the meaning of SyntaxError ** is Even though I just wrote a comment, it causes an error, and it is said to be Syntax It means exactly what it says.

Example error message

The code shown here is for issuing an error message. It's not code that can make exactly the same mistakes. I repeat. This is the code to issue an error message. (However, I've seen the same error in a slightly more confusing code.)

Error 1

This is the case where ** Syntax Error ** appears. The code is below.

a = 1
b = 2
    a = 0
Try putting 0 in a.
(The code itself has no meaning.)
    b = b/a
    print("data NG!")

The error display is as follows.

  File "", line 8
    (The code itself has no meaning.)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The above move is ** SyntaxError ** because it doesn't make sense after trying to interpret the comment as something meaningful. The above is fine, including the indentation in the comments.


** Comments can't go against indentation either. ** **


I think it's a natural result in terms of composing the error message, but I felt it was easy to understand. .. ..

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Things that are not directly related

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from now on

If you have any comments, please let us know. : candy: Will study,,,,

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Python error messages are concrete and easy to understand "ga" (SyntaxError on the closing side of triple "" "comments)
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