2016 The University of Tokyo Mathematics Solved with Python


This article is the 11th day article of Python Advent Calendar 2016.

What to do here

Last year's Python Adevent Calendar dealt with Mathematics IIB of the Center Test, but this year we will deal with the University of Tokyo Mathematics (Humanities).


Basic usage of Sympy

What is Sympy?

Python algebra library Official documentation: http://www.sympy.org/en/index.html Japanese materials: http://www.turbare.net/transl/scipy-lecture-notes/packages/sympy.html

Symbols-Variable definitions

In [1]: from sympy import *
In [2]: x + 1
NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-2-4cf92658b648> in <module>()
----> 1 x + 1

NameError: name 'x' is not defined

In [3]: x = symbols('x')
In [4]: x + 1
Out[4]: x + 1

expand --expand

In [5]: expand((x + 1)**2)
Out[5]: x**2 + 2*x + 1


In [6]: factor(x**4 - 3*x**2 + 1)
Out[6]: (1 + x - x**2)*(1 - x - x**2)

simplify --Simplify

In [7]: simplify((x**3 + x**2 - x - 1)/(x**2 + 2*x + 1))
Out[7]: x - 1

limit --extreme

In [8]: limit(x, x, oo)
Out[8]: oo


In [9]: diff(cos(x), x)
Out[9]: -sin(x)
In [10]: diff(x**3 + x**2 - x - 1, x)
Out[10]: 3*x**2 + 2*x - 1

integrate --integrate

In [11]: integrate(cos(x), x)
Out[11]: sin(x)
In [12]: integrate(x**3 + x**2 - x - 1, x)
Out[12]: x**4/4 + x**3/3 - x**2/2 - x


In [13]: Matrix([[1, 2, 3], [-2, 0, 4]])
[ 1, 2, 3],
[-2, 0, 4]])

solve --solve an expression

In [14]: solve(x**2 - 1, x)
Out[14]: [-1, 1]

Question 1


In [1]: import sympy as sy
In [2]: x, y = sy.symbols('x y')
In [3]: P = sy.Matrix([x, y])
In [4]: Q = sy.Matrix([-x, -y])
In [5]: R = sy.Matrix([1, 0])
In [6]: sy.simplify((Q - P).dot(R - P) > 0)
Out[6]: 2*x*(x - 1) + 2*y**2 > 0
In [7]: sy.simplify((P - Q).dot(R - Q) > 0)
Out[7]: 2*x*(x + 1) + 2*y**2 > 0
In [8]: sy.simplify((P - R).dot(Q - R) > 0)
Out[8]: -x**2 - y**2 + 1 > 0
2x(x-1)+2y^2 > 0 <=> (x-\frac{1}{2})^2+y^2 > \frac{1}{4}
2x(x+1)+2y^2 > 0 <=> (x+\frac{1}{2})^2+y^2 > \frac{1}{4}
-x^2 - y^2 + 1 > 0 <=> x^2+y^2 < 1
In [9]: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 
In [10]: fig = plt.figure()
In [11]: ax = plt.gca()
In [12]: ax.add_patch(plt.Circle((0,0),1,fc="#770000"))
Out[12]: <matplotlib.patches.Circle at 0x109689518>
In [13]: ax.add_patch(plt.Circle((0.5,0),0.5, fc="#FFFFFF"))
Out[13]: <matplotlib.patches.Circle at 0x109689f28>
In [14]: ax.add_patch(plt.Circle((-0.5,0),0.5, fc="#FFFFFF"))
Out[14]: <matplotlib.patches.Circle at 0x109696710>
In [15]: ax.set_aspect('equal')
In [16]: plt.xlim([2, 2])
Out[16]: (-2, 2)
In [17]: plt.ylim([-2, 2])
Out[17]: (-2, 2)
In [18]: plt.show()


** Answer: The range of points P (x, y) is the red part of the graph **

Reference book

Introduction to Mathematics Starting with Python

The Sympy and matplotlib introduced this time are also introduced. Recommended for getting started with math programming.

at the end

By using Sympy like this, you can easily solve it at the university entrance examination level. There is a concern that the University of Tokyo mathematics should be at such an easy level, but ...

Only the first question has been dealt with here, but if you are interested, please try solving other math problems with Python!

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