A super introduction to Linux


Here, I will write down the basic knowledge and commands of Linux after reviewing it.

What is a kernel?

The only software that can communicate with hardware such as CPU, memory, keyboard and disk.

What is a shell

It's like a chat interface that connects directly to the kernel. You can execute commands in the kernel through the shell language. Roughly speaking, it looks like this. Human <=> Shell <=> Kernel

Types of shell languages include sh`` tcsh bash`` zsh.


In the LINUX environment, STDIN is a device for controlling input and STDOUT is a device for controlling output. By connecting this device to a terminal, you will be able to use the input and output using the keyboard.

Connecting inputs and outputs in this way is called attaching a tty.

Shell command (basic)

--Directory operation system

#Display directory information(list)
ls [dir]
#Move directory(change dir)
cd [dir]
#Show current directory(print working dir)
#Creating a directory(make dir)
mkdir [folder name]

--File operation system

#File creation
#Add to file
echo >> [file name]
#File content display(concatenate)
cat test_file

--Task manager system

#View process(process status)
#Start process in background(&)
sleep 60 &
#Bring the process back to the foreground(foreground)

--Help system

#Command help(help) 
ps --help
#Show command save destination(whitch)
whitch ps
#View command manual(manual)
man ps

--Search system

#Find files and folders(find)
find / -type d -name test
#Search for characters
grep "aaa" test.txt -n

#Find the folder name and search for the files in it
find / -type d -name test | xargs grep -r aaa

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